Learning Communities Launch PartyThe first annual Learning Community Launch Party was held on August 28, 2015.  Students from all Learning Communities were invited to attend with their classes and professors were encouraged to bring their students as a group. Students and faculty from ASTEP, Kababayan, CIPHER, PACE, FYE, Puente, Social Justice League and the Career Advancement Academy attended the event with friends and classmates. The Launch Party festivities drew many members of the campus community as well.
The Learning Community Launch Party was envisioned as an event to kick-off the start of the academic year with a fun and memorable event, strengthen informal bonds between students and faculty, increase students’ sense of belonging within the larger framework of Skyline College Learning Communities, and increase school spirit and connections to the campus.

The Learning Community Launch Party included a Trail Mix Bar, Skyline College craft tables, ping pong, campus services and programs tabling as well as music and an open microphone giving program staff, students and faculty the opportunity to share information and welcome the groups of Learning Community students. Some students took advantage of the open mic to publicly thank faculty members for great mentorship and some students also shared their musical talents.

All Skyline College students were invited to attend to learn about Learning Communities and find out how to join a Learning Community in the Spring 2016 semester. Those who missed the event can access more information via a flowchart of course sequences for each Learning Community on the Learning Communities website.

More photos from the Launch Party and other Learning Community events can be viewed on Facebook.

Article by Marisa Thigpen