On Thursday, October 15, 2020 the Bay Area Entrepreneur Center, held a virtual fireside chat in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month or Latinx Heritage Month. This conversation served as a vehicle to encourage students and professionals throughout the Latinx diaspora and throughout our entire global community, to explore the path of entrepreneurship.

Along with our partner, the San Bruno Chamber of Commerce, the BAEC welcomed Carmen Milagro, to share her insights navigating our new normal and on being a Latina in the business world.  Carmen is an entrepreneur-artist and a Hispanic role model.  She has been honored by HISPA and is featured in their 20k Hispanic/ Latinx Stories series. Carmen is a Hispanic Star Ambassador and was selected to appear in the upcoming book of stories, Hispanic Stars Rising – The New Face of Power. The discussion was led by Nicole Moreno Deinzer, our Business Programs Coordinator for the BAEC.

The Bay Area Entrepreneur Center hosts virtual events and continues to offer no-cost resources to our students and community, albeit in an online and remote capacity.  Join us for our 3-day Virtual Small Business Symposium to learn more about how businesses are doing in this pandemic and the work we’re doing to support them.

Connect with us here at our BAEC Youtube Channel or here at skylinebaec.org.

Article by Pcyeta Stroud | Images by Olivia Vialau

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