KBD Post Election AnalysisKappa Beta Delta, International Business Honor Society, hosted a Post Election Analysis on Monday, November 28, 2016 and it was a great success. KBD invited Stanford graduate Mr. Dan Logan who was actively involved in registering voters in Mississippi 50 years ago during the Freedom Summer. Mr. Logan led the discussion and analysis of the 2016 election. During the event, the audience participated in various activities such as expressing their opinions about the election and discussing how this election will affect their future. They also had a chance to hear different voices and perspectives from the community including Jacqueline Jacobberger, a previous President of the League of Women Voters of North and Central San Mateo County. The event ended with Mr. Logan raffling off a few copies of his book for the audiences who actively participated in those activities. Thank you to all those that joined.

Article by Seng Bu Aung