It has been an extraordinary spring semester for the Kapatiran students at South San Francisco and Westmoor high school. This semester has been full of firsts; first-time joint Skyline College field trip, first-time “Hopes & Dreams” panels, and most recently, the first-time performing in Kapatiran’s “Showcase”.

The idea for “Showcase” is for students to perform what they have learned in the Kapatiran program in a nontraditional, creative way. It also challenges students to step outside their comfort zone by asking them to share their talent, passion, artistic skill in front of people. Students created poems, spoken word, visual art, dance routines, videos, and one student sang a whole song. Leading up to this project, students were very nervous and full of doubt because they never had this opportunity before.

However, all those insecurities were not present when it was time for them to perform in front of their fellow Kapatiran colleagues, their friends, their families, and the Kababayan Learning Community. The audience energy was very supportive and it had a very community feel throughout the program. It was also a donation drive to send school supplies for Salupongan International, an organization aimed to support the indigenous tribes in the Philippines whose land and life are being threatened.

Overall, this was a successful event to connect the Kapatiran high school students to Skyline College and the Kababayan Learning Community.

Attached below is a link to the Showcase program in PDF form:

Big love to Lauren Ford and the Outreach team for supporting the Kapatiran program throughout this spring semester.

Thank you to Skyline College for allowing the Kapatiran students the space and opportunity to showcase their talents at a college institution.

The Kapatiran program will be recruiting for their next cohort of students at South San Francisco and Westmoor high school for Fall 2018.

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With love,

The Kapatiran Program.

Article by Alvin Gubatina |  Photo taken by Monica Macaldo

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