Undocu-WeekThis year our District’s three Dream Centers and the Skyline College Dream Center Task Force have teamed up to present our 5th Annual Undocu-Week taking place (mostly) virtually this Monday, October 18 through Friday, October 22. This year’s timely theme is Change in Action.


The week’s events aim to celebrate achievements, answer questions, raise awareness about SMCCD’s undocumented students, and most importantly, to grow and inspire our community to action!


Included are a series of virtual events including our “homegrown” live and virtual activities, important webinars from the CCC, and a free AB540 20th anniversary conference hosted by the non-profit organization Immigrants Rising.


All members of our Skyline College community are welcome to attend a mixer, stop by Wednesday’s Dream Center/FIRE Club booth at College Hour, join a book club, get up to date legal information related to our undocumented community, visit the Library’s Undocu-Week display, and join Game Night activities.


Finally, don’t miss Friday’s keynote speaker, San Francisco based FilipinX author Lysley Tenorio at 10am. You may know Tenorio from Monstress: Stories. About his debut novel, The Son of Good Fortune, he explains:


“There’s a part of me that wants to believe that the majority of Americans have a lot of empathy for undocumented young people and are more willing to welcome them than a lot of the news would suggest… If I’m fortunate enough to have this book fall into the hands of someone who may not normally pick it up, I hope that it shows them another perspective and maybe even persuades them to look at things another way.” – San Diego Tribune, July 4, 2020


You can also show your solidarity by downloading an Undocu-Week zoom background and contributing to the week’s padlet.


Registration information, links, and all you need to participate is here!  https://bit.ly/UNDOCUWEEKINFOSITE


Questions? Please contact Paola Mora Paredes, (650) 574-6120 or Chad Thompson.


Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp

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