Jocelyn Vila and Dr. StroudSkyline College is proud to announce that Jocelyn Vila, Program Services Coordinator for Financial Aid, has been named the SMCCD District Nominee for the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Classified Employee of the Year Award. Jocelyn was selected from nominees from all three colleges within the District.

The Classified Employee of the Year Award has been given out annually since May 2009 to honor community college classified employees who demonstrate the highest level of commitment to professionalism and community colleges. Recipients are nominated by members of their college/district community and endorsed by their local Board of Trustees. Award recipients are selected by representatives of the Board of Governors for California Community Colleges, the Chancellor’s Office, and the Foundation for California Community College and must have a record of outstanding performance of professional activities, as well as a record of active participation on campus and beyond.

According to her nomination:

“Jocelyn believes that behind every student, there is a story, but most importantly, there is a future. She strongly demonstrates true dedication to the success of our community college students. She is committed to empowering and transforming the lives of students by providing superior services to our students through her outreach and in-reach efforts. Jocelyn is the main point of contact in charge of developing and implementing the financial aid outreach programs to promote access to higher education for low-income and educationally-disadvantaged students. She also collaborates with on-campus departments to help support the retention, completion and academic success of our students.

Jocelyn goes above and beyond when she takes the time to meet students, particularly Foster Youth students, by sitting down with them one-on-one in her office. She provides them with a safe-environment to discuss their situation to ensure she is providing them the best service possible. She understands every student is unique and no two students are alike. She listens openly to the students’ stories and provides insight to the students about options that may be available to them. She builds a rapport with the students; allowing students to feel that there exist a support service on-campus who they can rely on to ask questions. Overall, Jocelyn’s main purpose is to help students with their academic and personal development and growth.”

Congratulations Jocelyn on a job well done!

Article Compiled by Connor Fitzpatrick