Adult School StudentsEighteen students from Jefferson Adult School’s ESL program toured Skyline College on Thursday, April 30, 2015.  They were received in true Skyline College style and given welcoming rock-star treatment by all who crossed their path.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was when Jefferson professor Francisca Wentworth ran into her former student Jai Lu.  Lu originally began at Jefferson in her ESL class before moving on to Skyline College ESOL.  He will be transferring to UC Berkeley in the Fall, and professor Wentworth could not have been prouder. This achievement perfectly exemplifies the work that is being done between Jefferson Adult School and Skyline College ESOL in securing clear pathways for student success.

Special thanks go out to Mustafa Popal and Ellen Craigie who graciously opened their classes for observations so that these students could get a glimpse of the pace, content, and rigor of college courses.  The students continuously commented on the beauty of the campus as they toured the major buildings, quad, and sports complex. At the ELI, students got an overview of financial aid by ambassador Charene Quan and an introduction to Sparkpoint by Heather Smith.

Article by Leigh Anne Shaw