ISP OrientationThe International Student Program (ISP) hosted a series of orientations to welcome new international students for the spring 2016 semester. The first orientation was held in December last year, and the second one was hosted on January 11 and 12. ISP plans to conduct three more orientations for late arrivals later this month. This will add approximately 50 new international students to the campus community. The new international students are coming from 20 countries. The top 4 sending countries are China, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and Myanmar. According to the survey ISP conducted during the orientations, the majority of the new students first heard about Skyline College through their friends and families. This was also the reason why they chose to come to the College among many other choices.

The past two orientations included a variety of ice breaker activities and presentations, placement tests and counseling, and a welcome party. In addition to the ISP staff, a total of six orientation leaders helped welcome new international students. Representing five different countries, the orientation leaders are current Skyline College international students who volunteered their time for the event. One of the orientation leaders from Nepal was amazed how many Nepalese students the College is welcoming this semester. Another orientation leader from China noted that he was glad to help fellow Chinese students with various questions. Having the current international students involved in the orientation certainly made a difference in engaging the new students in the campus community.

ISP wishes to thank Eugene Whitlock, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and General Counsel, and Dr. Tammy Robinson, Interim Dean, Global Learning Programs and Services for delivering opening remarks for our new international students during the spring 2016 Orientation.

ISP will continue to provide services and programs for international students as well as for the entire Skyline College community. If you are interested in learning more about future ISP programs and events, contact ISP office at or call (650) 738-7021.

Article by Chikako Walker | Photo by William Nacouzi