The International Student Program (ISP) hosted its Recognition Ceremony in-person after two years of virtual end-of-year celebrations! On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, ISP students, their family members, administrators, as well as staff and faculty members from both Skyline College and the District Office came together in the picturesque Farallon Room for the celebration.

The event began with an engaging welcome speech from the College President, Melissa Moreno, followed by congratulatory remarks from the Interim Vice President of Instruction, Danni Redding-Lapuz and Dean of Global Learning Programs and Services, Russell Waldon. Throughout the event, guests enjoyed live music provided by Coyote Creates, a Bay Area native musician, a Boho-themed buffet, and a photo booth where students could try on graduation gowns and ISP stoles.

The highlight of the afternoon was hearing remarks from three transferring/graduating ISP students; Da Wang from China, Win Yu San from Myanmar and Vivian Marcos from Guatemala.

In his speech, Da Wang, expressed how community college was a great start for his educational journey, helping him pave the way to top universities. As a Global Online Learning (GOL) student, Da Wang completed three semesters entirely online and only came to the U.S. for his last semester. He is now headed to UC Berkeley as an Art History major.

Win Yu San agreed that Skyline College has always provided encouragement and supported her success. Sure enough, Win Yu has admissions offers from UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz (with a $15,000 scholarship), San Francisco State, Cal Poly Pomona, & Cal Poly San Luis Obispo!

Vivian Marcos, graduating with a Certificate of Achievement in Business Administration, sent us a heartfelt video message. She was unable to attend the event in person as she now holds a full-time position with American Airlines! In her video message, Vivian encouraged fellow international students to “do the best with your classes, but also get involved with everything you can”. Originally from Guatemala, Vivian started her first semester in the middle of the Pandemic and completed her program of study last fall.

Felicia Mazzi, ESOL faculty member who attended the ceremony, commented “my current students who attended (the event) were clearly inspired by hearing and seeing those who were ready to transfer and move on”.

It was a beautiful moment to honor and acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments of our resilient and dedicated international students. ISP is grateful for the support of the entire Skyline College community as well as the District International Education team. It truly takes a village to build a supportive community for our international students!

ISP provides services and programs for international students and the entire Skyline College community. If you are interested in learning more about future ISP programs and events, contact the ISP office at


Article by Chikako Walker | Photo by Chris Woo

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