year of the rat celebrationOn February 5, 2020, the International Student Program (ISP) and the Chinese Student Scholar Association (CSSA) hosted a Lunar New Year Celebration at the Fireside Dining Room. Lunar New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is one of the biggest and most important festivals in Chinese culture. Students from the CSSA set up tables with traditional food and games and played traditional Chinese music.

Mingsha Mo, an international student in charge of one of the games, shared the meaning behind her game, “Eating nuts on Chinese New Year symbolizes good luck and in this game they will attempt to eat the most sunflower seeds in 60 seconds. The one who eats the most wins a prize.”

CSSA President Xiao Xin Li spoke about bringing the community together at school through such events. CSSA’s Spring Festival succeeded in bringing not only the Chinese community at school together but also students from many other countries.

Oleg, a student from Russia, really liked haw flakes (山楂餅, shan zha bing), a Chinese candy. He said, “I like Chinese candies. The candies are not sweet like American candies.” Another student, Yunrui Bao, spoke about her heart-warming experience, “Spring Festival is the biggest event in China for family reunions and is about being able to relax and share your happiness with your family. Today, at this event, I felt the same.”

Events like these bring the students together despite their hectic schedules. CSSA and ISP are glad to have been able to provide this experience to students.

Article by Umaima Ejaz | Photo by Clair Yeo-Sugajski

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