students at great americaOn Saturday, October 7, 2017, the International Student Program took a group of international students out for a day of adventure at California’s Great America amusement park in Santa Clara.

The goal of the event was to expose international students to more of the bay area and let them relax before the midterm exams. It would also serve as an opportunity for students to mingle with one another.

The goal was surely met as the students all had an unforgettable time. They found out how loud they could scream when they went on the thrill rides like “The Grizzly” and “Flight Deck” which really tested their fear limits. They were also fortunate enough to have warm weather and clear skies, which made the experience more enjoyable.

The best part of the trip was seeing how well people from completely different parts of the world could come together. Students bonded by sharing food and telling stories about their lives in their native countries. The event really embodied the sense of fellowship within the international student body.

ISP will continue to provide international and cultural programs and events for Skyline students, faculty and staff members and the greater Skyline community. Please check future events on the ISP website at:

Article by Naledi Mthembu | Photo by Soe Thuya Hlaing


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