jenny yangThe International Student Program (ISP) and Financial Aid Office conducted an informative scholarship workshop for Skyline College’s international students! The event took place on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. The Skyline College scholarship application process opened the 2017-2018 academic year. More than 20 international students attended the workshop.

Ms. Jenny Yang, Financial Aid Technician at the Financial Aid Office, introduced more than 50 institutional scholarships, in addition to some external scholarships, that are available to international students. Ms. Yang encouraged the students to apply for institutional scholarships as there is no citizenship requirement. This was a nice surprise for many international students as they thought most scholarships were for domestic students only. Ms. Yang also stressed the importance of personal statements and references since few international students are familiar with those practices.

An international student from Germany commented that she was glad to have come to the workshop as she now understands the application process better. Another student from Jordan said he is very motivated to apply for the scholarship now that he knows there are more than 50 scholarship opportunities to international students. As we celebrate the National Scholarship Month in November, we hope that many international students take advantage of this great opportunity!

ISP will continue to provide international and cultural programs and events for Skyline College students, faculty and staff members and the greater Skyline Collegecommunity. Please check future events on the ISP website at:

Article & Photo by Chikako Walker