students at CTTL workshopThe International Student Program (ISP) conducted two CTTL workshops to discuss the International Student Program and the unique challenges of its students. The first workshop was held February 23, 2016 and the second was hosted on March 2, 2016. Wissem Bennani, ISP Program Manager, led the discussion which allowed various faculty members to share their experiences with international students.

Wissem presented the SEVIS rules and regulations. Irene Tieh, an experienced global study consultant, gave a presentation about her research and findings about the differences between learning in Asian countries and in the United States. Irene provided some valuable tips to help international students acclimatize to the United States, make friends, learn effectively and simultaneously described the mindset of international students. For the group, this perspective provided a much appreciated understanding of our students’ lives.

The attendees of the workshop included faculty and staff members across campus, who had valuable input regarding the process of strengthening the academic learning program for international students. Everybody at the workshop offered constructive advice and suggested various methods to overcome the challenges facing international students.

ISP will continue to conduct discussions and workshops to improve the services offered to its students and the entire Skyline College community. If you are interested in learning more about future ISP programs and events, contact ISP office at or call (650) 738-7021.

Article by Sujaya Chandran | Photo by Chikako Walker