On October 5th, 2023, the International Student Club (ISC) hosted its first cultural exchange event for its general members at the Intercultural Center in Building 4. The event saw about 15 attendees casually exchanging native languages, backgrounds, and cultures. ISC was also joined by the members of the Indonesian Student Club, who brought their enthusiasm and shared more about Indonesian culture.

The event opened with introductions from ISC’s President, Zwe Mann Kyaw, and Vice President, Mabel Lynn, followed by introductions from everyone as they shared their names, home countries, and favorite songs. ISC then proceeded to play a short icebreaker game, drawing cards containing questions that kept everyone informed and entertained.

ISC then moved on to the main section of the event, the Language Exchange, where everyone got a chance to share how to introduce themselves in their language. Members also exchanged their favorite traditional foods and a fun fact about their culture, bringing up similarities between different nationalities and cuisines. This included the mutual intricacies of addressing someone in Indonesian and Burmese and the shared history of Filipino and Spanish food and street culture. Non-international members also had fun sharing their own experiences and backgrounds. The event ended with an announcement of the weekly Game Nights on ISC’s Discord server, where members could play games, have fun, and socialize. Following the Cultural Exchange event, the Game Night saw members play the popular social deduction game Among Us, with its new chaotic Hide-And-Seek game mode.

ISP is a part of the Global Learning Programs and Services Division. It will continue to provide services and programs for international students as well as for the entire Skyline College community. If you want to learn more about future ISP programs and events, contact the ISP office at skyinternational@smccd.edu.

Article by Zwe Mann Kyaw and Photo by Mabel Lynn

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