Skyline View Ed-in-Chief Umaima Ejaz, an international student from Pakistan, has been selected to be the editor-in-chief for the Skyline View for the Spring 2021 semester! The Skyline View is Skyline College’s student-run newspaper, providing hands-on experience with print-production, journalistic writing, editing, and various forms of online media. Umaima came to Skyline College in Fall, 2019 to pursue her studies in Journalism and Political Science.  Umaima says coming to Skyline College has been one of the best decisions in her life.  She is grateful for the support from professors, classmates, and counselors at Skyline College for a smooth transition as an international student.

She has always looked to the future envisioning where she might be in 10 years to keep her motivated to meet her goals.  Something that helped her is to keep a journal of short term and long-term goals to stay on track.  She, being a woman of color as editor-in-chief at Skyline View, is a reminder of the need for representation of diversity and continuing to strive for diversity.  It is a personal achievement of hers to be editor-in-chief at such a young age, and credits her advisor, Professor Nancy Kaplan-Biegel.   Her advice to international students coming to America is to stick to your goals and take every opportunity you can to grow as a person and as a student.

Article by Adrienne Villegas

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