students at Food FestivalThe International Food Festival organized and hosted by the International Student Program (ISP), on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 was a grand success. A range of students from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds participated in the event. The countries represented by the students were China, Japan, Germany, Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, Thailand, Myanmar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast and South Africa. The event was hosted in Building 6 where the students of Skyline College were able to meet, sample regional foods and learn about the various cultures that were highlighted.

There were individual tables for each country and the students were dressed in traditional clothing representing their country. The German table was laden with traditional foods from Germany such as Brockwurst (a sausage variety), Sauerkraut (a pickled cabbage) and Pretzels. An interesting fact about Germany is that there are over 300 varieties of bread! The South African table had delicious food such as Amakheke which are a type of scone and Harrissa paste which is a chili paste that is synonymous with the region. The table was decorated in South African prints and flags. An interesting piece of information about South Africa is that is has the longest wine route in the world. The Latin America table was busy with the “Alfajores” (caramel sandwich cookies) and “Pao Doce Com Coco” (coconut bread) being extremely popular. Students also learned interesting facts about the regions such as how Venezuela is home to own of the tallest waterfalls in the world, known as “Angel Falls”. The South Eastern table was filled with Thai foods such as Pad Thai, Egg rolls and a Burmese Tea Leaf salad which many students were eager to try.

The student hosts were dressed in richly embroidered gold and silk outfits and enthralled the students. The students representing China had almond pastries, almond cakes, cookie rolls and prepared squid that were delicious and gave students a chance to try something different. We could hear Chinese words being exchanged and students being exposed to the culture of China. The table was decorated in traditional Chinese Red and Gold material with flags, teapots and exquisite Chinese dolls. There was also a Japanese Origami table where students could learn to do Origami which is the ancient art of paper folding. The Middle East was also represented with the Baklava they displayed flying off the table as they were highly sought after. Students learned about Jordan and interesting information including the fact that a lot of popular movies were shot there, which was fascinating to know!

The International Food Festival event presented international students with an opportunity to share their cultures, and for other students to get a glimpse into the traditions of other cultures. The events served to highlight the diversity that is a key feature of Skyline Community College and its mission.

International Student Program will continue to provide international and cultural programs and events for Skyline College students, faculty and staff members and the greater Skyline College community. Please check future events on the ISP website at:

Article by Sujaya Chandran | Photo by William Nacouzi