On Friday, May 14, 2014 the Institutional Planning Committee held its last meeting of the 2013/14 academic year. After the committee was updated on some ongoing planning items—IPC/CBC merger, status of Annual Program Plans and Comprehensive Program Reviews, the Student Climate Survey, and the Balanced Scorecard—the focus of the meeting was on the Student Success and Support Program (3SP) Plan and a proposed update to the SMCCCD planning cycle. For the 3SP plan, Vice President Blake informed the committee on the status and goals of the 3SP Task Force that has been put together to provide leadership in developing the plan and with Vice President Briones, provided an update on relevant budget policies and implications. On the SMCCCD planning cycle, Interim Dean Ulate facilitated a discussion based on one held by the District Strategic Planning Committee that focused on a revision to the district’s overall planning cycle. The committee discussed how the timing of when documents are revised and implemented should continue to be such that they inform and are integrated with one another, even when we move from a six-year to seven-year accreditation cycle. Overall, this has been a very busy and productive year for Skyline College’s IPC and we look forward to another great year with planning and budgeting merged into one committee. Have a wonderful summer!

Article by Dr. David Ulate