Skyline College’s Institutional Planning Committee (IPC) held its third meeting of the year on Wednesday, November 13, 2013. Much of this meeting was dedicated to the initial discussion of possible revisions to the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). Many of the BSC measures were discussed in terms of how they are assessed, the goal value associated with the measure, and how we might improve the specific measure. As this was the first step in the process, more discussions will take place in the coming months culminating in a possible revised version of the BSC. In addition to this, the IPC engaged in a discussion on the Distance Education Strategic Plan and voted to recommend the plan to College Governance Council. Also, the IPC discussed a merger with the College Budget Committee to increase the degree to which our planning and budgeting are already integrated. As always, feedback on these or any topics are more than welcome so please feel free to speak with your IPC representative to make sure they have your input!

Article by David Ulate.