Skyline College’s Institutional Planning Committee (IPC) held its second meeting of the year on Wednesday, October 9, 2013. Prior to the meeting, committee members received copies of the Comprehensive Diversity Framework draft for their review. At the meeting, the IPC engaged in a thorough discussion about the document, provided important feedback, and voted to recommend the document be forwarded to the College Governance Council. Other agenda items discussed were the accreditation quick guide, the task force on student success initiative, the administrative leadership and unit reviews, and the Balanced Scorecard. With regards to the Balanced Scorecard, the IPC reviewed the documents and discussed the process they will undergo to take a comprehensive look at the Scorecard and make sure it continues to be an effective instrument to measure institutional effectiveness. All suggestions regarding the Balanced Scorecard are welcome. Feel free to speak with your IPC representative to make sure they have your input!

Article by David Ulate.