GE CollectiveAs an institution of higher education, how can we maintain our relevancy to students and to the larger society in light of massive open online courses, readily accessible skill-based learning vehicles (such as Kahn Academy), and adaptive learning via data analytics?

How can we leverage a reconfigured general education program to reinforce our relevancy while fostering the development of the whole student, and maintaining our commitment to equity and inclusion?

GE Collective members Michael Cross, Jessica Hurless, Mustafa Popal, Paul Rueckhaus, Dennis Wolbers, and Karen Wong grappled with these questions with other participants at the “New Paradigms in General Education” conference last Thursday through Saturday. Inspired by the many programs and partnerships between community colleges and California State Universities, they hope to create and implement pilot projects that will reinforce the value of general education for Skyline College students. If you’d like to join their efforts, please contact Dennis Wolbers, and keep an eye out for professional development opportunities.

Article by Karen Wong

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