socc leadership trainingOn January 24, 2020, The Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) hosted its inaugural Skyline College Organization and Club Council (SOCC) Leadership Training event. The goal of the event was to create a network opportunity that will bolster a sense of community within Skyline College and their affiliates. And by the looks of it, this event was a total success!

There were over 30 club members and advisors present for the workshops. The event started with a welcome from Alvin Gubatina, Student Life and Leadership Manager. After it was Ryan Samn, Student Life and Leadership Assistant, and Marcy Escobar, ASSC/SOCC bookkeeper, leading a presentation on the proper ways to handle the paperwork process. They went over topics such as reimbursements, booking locations around campus for events and emphasized the importance of sustaining equity within Skyline College.

Furthermore, workshops were on the anatomy of a flyer and pocket to project led by the Photography Club (Minn, Marie, Zin, Ricky, Ricardo, Mauricio, and Zaw) and Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development (Milli and Tia) respectively. They were chosen because they attended this past Adobe Max Conference back in November. Photography Club introduced this easy and free to use website, called Adobe Spark, which makes the arduous flyer making the process fun and simple. After teaching a quick How-to session, Photography club tasked different groups to create flyers for this upcoming Club Fair event. Additionally, Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development held a workshop on Adobe Capture, an app used for scanning shapes, finding text fonts and exploring the world around us through this amazing tool that is useful for creating logos, patterns, and even more flyers. Their goal was to teach easy and applicable skills to advertise and market their clubs and upcoming events to increase student engagement.

Lastly, the Associated Students of Skyline College lead an activity that demonstrated the importance of every person’s contribution to being leaders of these clubs. Alvin concluded by sharing his awe-inspiring ambition to create an undeniable sense of community at Skyline College. His message was so clearly received that club members got straight to work by spending the remaining time of the event talking, bonding and collaborating, successfully achieving the whole purpose of this event.

Article by David Torres | Photo by Alvin Gubatina

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