The Kababayan Learning Community invites you to the 17th annual Pilipino Cultural Night – The Color of Love / Ang Kulay ng Pag-ibig / El Color del Amor –  a celebration of love to welcome back the Skyline College community for the first in-person PCN in three years!  Join us for a live performance featuring the work of Kababayan and Puente Learning Community students and faculty on Friday, May 6 or Saturday, May 7, 2022.

Tickets (and donations if you want to support but are unable to attend the performance) are available on a sliding scale and can be purchased online in advance by visiting the links below. Tickets are limited and masks will be required in Building 1.

Friday, May 6th  –

Saturday, May 7th

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Show: 7:00 p.m. (runtime approx. 2 hours)
Location: Building 1, Skyline College Theater

Brief Synopsis: Belinda Lupe Martinez and Josephine Marie Capistrano are 25-year-old seniors at San Francisco State University. They’re also engaged. At Belinda’s birthday picnic in San Antonio, Texas, the couple announces to both of their conservative families their plan to get married. Belinda’s Roman Catholic grandmother adamantly opposes her relationship with another woman as her mother and siblings manage their shock upon learning her real identity. While Josephine has her grandparents’ support, she is pressured by her parents to marry a man to save their family business and dissuade her from being gay. The couple continues to stand up for their real identities, and they weather the chaos their revelation unleashes on everyone, including family secrets that will decide the future of their relationship.

To learn more and to see previous PCN performances, visit the Kababayan Learning Community YouTube Channel at

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