Students enrolled in Psychology 410, Abnormal Psychology, will be displaying photos and personal narratives to share their experiences of stigmatization. This exhibit is part of a four-week collaboration with San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services and is designed to raise awareness about stigma. The series begins with a general discussion of stigma and its consequences and ends with specific strategies that can be used in an effort to reduce stigma. It is the hope that once a student examines their personal experiences with stigma they will be motivated to reduce stigma towards others, including individuals experiencing mental health issues.

The exhibit will open on Monday, November 16, and will be located in the hallway of Building 2, top floor, near the Veterans Resource Center and Global Learning Programs and Services Division. A reception with light refreshments will be held from 11:10-12:00. The exhibit will be displayed until November 30.

For more information please contact Jennifer Merrill at or at extension 4379.

Article by Jennifer Merrill