At-Risk for Faculty, Staff, Administrators and Students is an online, interactive gatekeeper training simulation used at more than 200 campuses nationwide.  Learn to identify and talk to students exhibiting signs of psychological distress and motivate them to seek appropriate help.  Possible signs of distress include depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide.

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Available for immediate use:  Access simulations 24/7 at:



These online courses are available 24/7, approximately 30-45 minutes in length and can be completed in multiple sessions allowing you to return at your convenience as many times as needed.  Two hours of flex credit available for faculty who complete all three courses. 

Don’t wait! This offer will expire.  For more information contact Liz Llamas, MFT 650-738-4351 and/or Bev Muse, MFT 650-738-4459 with Psychological Services and Personal Counseling.kognito3

Article submitted by Liz Llamas.