On December 14, twenty-two students in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Adult School Bridge Experience received the Guest Service Gold certificate, an industry- recognized certificate that serves to accomplish the goal of creating guest service-oriented employees who know how to engage with their guests to provide memorable guest service.

Students in the bridge program came from South San Francisco and Jefferson Adult Schools and Peninsula Alternative High School. Now in its third year, students take a sequence of Skyline courses taught by Skyline College’s ESOL instructor, Serena Chu-Mraz, at South San Francisco Adult School where they learn contextualized English in subjects focused around hotel and restaurants.

This semester, students also had the opportunity to tour the Skyline College campus and take a field trip to AC Hotel in South San Francisco where they learned about prospective job opportunities and career pathways.

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Adult School Bridge Experience is a pathway of ACCEL of San Mateo consortia and the partnership between South San Francisco Adult School, Jefferson Adult School, and Skyline College.

Article by Stacy Nojima and Serena Chu-Mraz  | Photo by Stacy Nojima



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