On Saturday, November 11, 2023, seventeen students of the Honors Transfer Program went on a campus tour with Skyline College alumnus and recent Honors transfer student Iliana Crisostomo, as well as current Stanford University transfer students Ayan Dalmar and Warda Ali. Crisostomo, Dalmar, and Ali led the group from the Visitor Center to the Arillaga Alumni Center, to Hoover Tower, and towards the Main Quad area at the center of campus where the group ended with a lengthy question-and-answer session and a close look at the experiences of transferring to a four-year school.

Honors Transfer Program and Honors Club students and advisors at Stanford University

Students learned more about the history of the university, and how they could expect to see the name Leland Stanford, Jr. on many plaques and buildings around campus. They learned about the classes, clubs, academic support, and financial resources available to students. They asked about housing options, meal plans, sports, and how to study and manage their time realistically.

Honors Club Vice President of Finances & Records Lawrencedel Legaspi shared, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit Stanford’s campus and see how beautiful it was. The tour guides were very insightful and made transferring to a top university seem not as bad, and I was also able to create a better bond with those who went.”

Overall, students enjoyed their time at Stanford, as it helped them make some important considerations as some of them apply for transfer this semester. Honors Club President Celina Buncayo shared, “There were lots of positive feedback from our club members about the Stanford Trip. I’m so happy that they enjoyed and got to see the campus. I feel like getting a feel of campus life is important in deciding where to transfer.”

This trip could not have happened without the support and generosity of Counselor Joyce Lee, John Chew, Professor John Ulloa, Ryan Samn and the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development, Dean Danni Redding Lapuz, Angelica Mendoza, Dean Chris Gibson, Dean Dino Nomicos, Sandra Hatzistratis, Dr. Vinicio Lopez, Muang Pharn, Golda Margate, and Dr. Luis Escobar.

Article by Janice Sapigao
Photos by Celina Buncayo and Joyce Lee

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