On Wednesday, April 26, 2023, the Honors Club and the Honors Transfer Program sponsored a trip and campus tour to UC Berkeley. Students who attended the tour are gearing up to apply for transfer, and others were considering their options for transfer.

The campus tour was led by two of our Honors Transfer Program alumni, Megan Chan, a Mechanical Engineering major, and Andrea Hernandez, a Business major at the Haas School of Business. Andrea and Megan started the tour for a group of Honors students at a transfer housing building, where they pointed out several other housing buildings. They shared information from their own experiences, and they shared stories and knowledge from their fellow transfers.

Skyline College students with tour guide and Skyline College Honors Transfer program alumna Andrea Hernandez (third from the left) at a UC Berkeley seal imprint

Andrea and Megan created their own tour tailored to Honors students’ requests. They showed the group the transfer center, the athletic recreational facilities, and Sproul Plaza. They also pointed out the UC Berkeley seal imprinted into the cement pathways on campus, and they shared student lore about how most students avoid stepping directly onto it, in hopes of avoiding a low grade point average or low test scores. In the first image, Skyline College students encircle the seal.

Students posed for a photo at the Sather Gate and the Campanile, the third-largest bell and clock-tower in the world, which is are iconic parts of the UC Berkeley campus. In addition, the students also spent time seeing the Chemistry Department, the Doe Library, and the Haas School of Business.

Many thanks to the Office of Student Life, ASSC, Vice President of Instruction Dr. Newin Orante, Vivian Paw, Dean Danni Redding Lapuz, Angelica Mendoza, Dean Dino Nomicos, Sandra Hatzistratis, Jessica Esclamado, Dr. Susanne Schubert, Professor Lindsey Ayotte, Joyce Lee, and Honors Club President Alysia Tanimura, and others for all of your efforts to make this trip a success.

Article by Janice Sapigao | Photos by Janice Sapigao

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