On Monday, November 29th Alberto Santellan and Aricka Bueno took 34 Hermanos and Hermanas to the University of California, Davis. Before the field trip a few students expressed that they were nervous about going to a University and didn’t know what to expect. Some students had a lot of questions and others were more wary. When we first arrived, a few students were talking about how big and beautiful the campus was. By the middle of the field trip, we knew it was a success because every single one of the students looked excited and interested in college, more specifically a University. The UC Davis’ facilitator and presenter was Skyline College’s Hermano Alumni, Jorge Murillo. The field trip included a tour of the enormous campus, a presentation, lunch, and a student panel.


During the campus tour all of the tour guides were very engaging and knowledgeable about the University. They told the students about the popular majors on campus and were able to answer questions about other majors as well. The history and information about the campus really helped to spark the students’ interest and kept their energy high throughout the day. The students enjoyed every aspect of the field trip! As an educator and counselor, it was wonderful to see the students’ faces light up as they walked around campus and were able to connect with UC Davis student panelists and volunteers! Overall, it was an extremely memorable event for the Hermanos and Hermanas!

Article and Photos by Aricka Bueno.