guardian scholars end of yearOn Monday May 16, the Guardian Scholars Program (GSP) celebrated the end of the year the completion of a successful academic year with faculty, administration and Guardian Scholars students. While GSP is proud of all they have accomplished the past two semesters, they are proud of 4 Guardian Scholars who will not only be graduating with their AAs, but also transferring to 4-year universities! The students will be transferring to San Francisco State (Angelina Yokely-Miles & Antonio Gomez), CSU East Bay (Dominique Bill) and UC Davis (Nu Nu N-Dawg)!

The program has a great deal to be proud of including creating a dedicated and personalized space for the students to relax, study, and create a community. GSP participated and facilitated many events including a RTSB workshop, the Brothers & Sisters conference, Fostering Student Success Conference, college tours, outreach to various departments and high schools and much more. We cannot be more proud of our graduates and wish them the best of luck!

Article by Tia Holiday | Photo by Jocelyn Vila