Governance:  College Governance Committee

The College Governance Council met on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 from 2:10-4:00 pm, in Building 4, Room 4343. In attendance was Christine Abella, Jesse Raskin, Regina Stanback Stroud and Christina Trujillo. Absent from the meeting was Eloisa Briones, Kate Browne, Angelica Garcia, Michele Haggar, Leandro Torre Mantilla and Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza.


Approval of Minutes


The September 25, 2017 minutes were approved. (M/C/U Christina Trujillo/Christine Abella) Unanimously.


The Academic Senate provided the following report.

Academic Senate meetings regularly include visits and discussions with key administrators about the state of the College and issues for this year.


October meetings included discussions on:

  • Comprehensive Redesign/Meta Majors and Guided Pathways. An ongoing, major goal of the Academic Senate, regular updates by Design Team Leads Jesse Raskin, Carla Grandy, Jessica Hurless, and Mustafa Popal included announcement of CCCCO grant application completion, first-draft of 4 Meta Majors to go to Classified Senate for comment in November, summary of Change Leadership conference, plan to present work to CSM’s Academic Senate in November, and call for Guided Pathways State


  • Focus on Equity. A second major goal of the Academic Senate this year, this month the Senate presented a multi-authored Skyline Academic Senate Resolution, which had a first-reading and full discussion. The Resolution on Equity was approved unanimously, and is posted on the Academic Senate web page in materials for 10/19 meeting, and will be submitted to Skyline Shines as well as to the next Board of Trustees


  • Academic Senate Revision Task Group. Chair Jessica Hurless will re-convene the Task Group with revised membership, and bring its recommendations to the full Senate by December.


  • Vice-President of Instruction Screening Committee. Categories of Faculty expertise were introduced for Academic Senate consideration; discussion planned for


  • District Academic Senate. Introduction of Academic Integrity [to Ed Policy], Cañada Academic Senate Resolution on District Media Server for

Actions/Approvals on:

  • Board Policies 2.30 [Political Activity]; 6.18 [Credit by Exam]; 6.24 [Articulation]
  • Tenure Review Committees [new and revised] of
  • Integrated Plan for Basic Skills, Student Equity, & SSSP, call for dedicated agenda item on Student Success in December/January.
  • Cañada’s Resolution on District Media Server was discussed with questions, no action: Cañada will do presentation about the issue to Academic Senate in


Reports from Academic Senate Standing Committees & Organizations:

  • Curriculum [Comprehensive Program Review item], -Educational Policy [working on Academic Integrity item], and –Professional Personnel [completing State Exemplary Program Award nomination]


  • Associated Students of Skyline College. Support of Academic Senate Equity resolution, and interest in attending Spring State Plenary [San Mateo].


  • AFT-faculty survey on workload will be revised and sent out by District PRIE by end of term.


  • Beyond the Margins: Learning Communities [11/8] & Equity Training Series [Spring]; call for Faculty Diversity Internship Mentors.


Forward into Fall Upcoming Plans:

  • State events & meetings [Area B/ Skyline hosted, & Fall Plenary/Kate & Jesse speaking, and Terry Chang attending]; visit by President Regina Stanback Stroud [TBA].


The Classified Senate provided the following report.

Classified recently unanimously adopted changes to the constitution:

  • Under Article 2: Name, we added Section 1: By laws-, The Classified Senate allows for the creation of By Laws to provide specific procedures, requirements, and general guidance regarding the implementation of the mandates and intent of this
  • Under Article 4: Membership, added Section 1 and Section 1A-
    • Section 1: The Executive Board shall identify a Senator per college department. The Executive Board shall determine the number of departments at the beginning of each academic
      • Section 1A: Senator Representatives are charged with representing constituents within their departments by reporting and/ or sharing information pertaining to Classified Senate business at Classified Senate monthly meetings and within their
    • Under Article 12: Meeting Time- Updated language
      • The Classified Senate shall meet on the first Thursday of each month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Notification of the meeting location and agenda will be sent via email. at a time designated by the Classified


  • Update on Classified Staff representation on committees:
  • Katrina Pantig will serve as the shared governance representative for the Guided Pathways and Meta Majors efforts
  • Michele Haggar has been appointed and approved to serve as a Tri-Chair for the Accreditation Self Study
  • Classified Senate meetings added two standing agenda items:
    • Guided Pathways and Meta-majors
    • Accreditation
  • Classified Staff currently working with leadership to host Guided Pathways and Meta Majors open forum for Classified Staff on Friday, November 3rd from 12:00 pm- 2:00 pm. This is being initiated as a way to continue to pull in the voice of classified to help support student success
  • SMCCCD Classified Staff Leadership Team (members of the Classified Senate executive boards across the district) meet this past week to and set end dates to have our Statement of Ethics (formally Code of Ethics) developed, voted on, and approved by the board for adoption by Spring
  • See’s Candy Fundraiser underway- Final date to place orders with sellers is November Candy will be ready for pick-up Tuesday, Nov. 28. Our new goal is to raise over $1,300 dollars if possible.
  • Volunteer opportunity to Alcatraz was cancelled by organizers but rescheduled to Saturday, Nov. 4 and we still have 10 Classified Staff scheduled to
  • Natural Disaster Relief 5K Fundraiser- still happening. Currently building website to share for marketing and awaiting final decision for
  • CSEA Holiday luncheon is slated for Thursday, December 7 from 12 pm-2 pm at the Elk Lodge in San Mateo. Please add to your calendars. We will make this announcement at our next


The Associated Student Body of Skyline College provided the following report.

  • Student Equity Committee wrote a resolution in regards the Blackface Incident. The main purpose of this revolution is to let the students know that the ASSC does not tolerate this behavior; instead, we promote respect and
  • The ASSC has successfully organized Fundraiser events to help those affected by the hurricanes and the
  • The student body is also planning future events for the rest of the fall semester. At the moment, we are focusing on Skylloween, Tuesday, October 31st and Domestic Violence Awareness, held Wednesday, October 25th.
  • All the executive and senators positions in the council are now filled. The only position open is Associate Senator, with a max of five open

Dean Ray Hernandez of the Science/Math/Technology Division shared with the committee the Respiratory Care Accreditation Self Study.

Accreditation of respiratory care programs is a process that requires a comprehensive review of the program relative to the accreditation Standards. Decisions are based on the CoARC’s assessment of the information contained in the accreditation application and self-study report, the report of site visit evaluation teams, the annual Report of Current Status, as well as its review of any reports or documents submitted to the CoARC by the program during the current accreditation cycle.  A comprehensive self-study and site visit is conducted every 10 years. A

subcommittee of the RC advisory board completed the self-study. The overall report is strong with the program meeting all standards.


Associate Professor Jesse Raskin presented to the committee the Paralegal Studies ABA Accreditation information.

In Fall 2016, Skyline College applied to the American Bar Association (ABA) for initial approval of the Paralegal Program, to increase job prospects for graduates and raise local awareness of the program.  In Spring 2017, The ABA accepted the written report and scheduled a site visit at Skyline College on February 19-21, 2018. This visit is a great opportunity for us to show the ABA all we do as a College to support paralegal students in finding success at every step in their educational journey. To prepare, the Paralegal Program is working across the College to develop comprehensive readiness for the site visit.


Interim Dean Jacque Honda reported on Accreditation to the Committee

In preparation of our 2019 Accreditation Reaffirmation, our Accreditation Oversight Committee is in high gear and Skyline College, as well as the SMCCD, is now in Accreditation mode. Our Accreditation Liaison Officer, Interim Dean of PRIE, Jacque Honda, will work with the three Tri-Chairs: Faculty member Karen Wong, Administrator Will Minnich, and Classified Representative Michele Haggar, to identify the teams for each standard and oversee the writing of the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER). As soon as we receive Academic Senate

approval of the faculty co-chairs, we will make an announcement. The two year timeline is being crafted and updated and will be presented in November to the campus. We are also creating a comprehensive Accreditation Page, where all of this information, as well as updates, will be housed.


Luis Escobar – Dean of Counseling, Advising, Lasana Hotep – Dean of Student Equity and Support Programs, and James Houpis – Dean of Academic Support and Learning Technologies shared with the committee BSI, SSSP and SE integrated Budget Plan

The State Chancellor’s Office has been undergoing an effort to integrate three programs: Basic Skills Initiative (BSI) Student Equity Program (SE), and Student Success and Support Programs (SSSP). These programs were selected as a starting point for integrative efforts for two main reasons: 1) all three have the same ultimate goal of increasing student success while closing achievement gaps; and 2) there is a strong potential for overlap between and among programs. (Except from Chancellor’s Office MEMO, February 15, 2017)

(M/C/U Jesse Raskin/Jacque Honda) Approved for submission to the Board of Trustees for consideration. Unanimously.


Jesse Raskin, Vice President of the Academic Senate reported to the committee the Resolution on Equity Skyline College Academic Senate

The Skyline College Academic Senate has discussed the racial incident of Spring and the subsequent uncertainty, communication glitches, and questionable actions. We applauded the Skyline faculty who took the issue to the Board of Trustees and made recommendations, and prepared, with multiple authors, a Resolution on Equity. After reading & discussion, it passed unanimously at the October 19 meeting and President Kate Browne is following through with people and communities at the College. The Resolution is being put on the next Board of Trustees’ meeting agenda, The Academic Senate Governing Council has been invited to sign up

for the Equity Series this coming Spring, Social Justice/Ethnic Studies degree is being developed, and all Faculty have been encouraged to become Mentors in the Faculty Diversity Internship Program to begin next year.



(M/S/U Jesse Raskin/Christine Abella approved) Unanimously.

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