The College Governance Council met on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 2:10-4:00 pm, in Building 4, Room 4343.  In attendance was Carsbia Anderson, Eloisa Briones, Barbara Daley, Michele Haggar, Nicole Harris, Miku Mendoza, Sarah Perkins, Regina Stanback Stroud, Alana Utsumi.

Approval of Minutes

The October 22, 2014 minutes were approved. (M/S/U Kate Brown/Nicole Harris) Unanimously

CCC Classified Staff Nominee

Two nominees were selected to be forwarded to the CGC.  Maria Norris was voted the Classified Staff of the year by all constituencies.  Michele Haggar made the motion to move Maria Norris forward to the Board of Trustee. (M/S/U Michele Haggar/Eloisa Briones Unanimously)

Academic Senate Report

Winter meetings include visits and discussions with key administrators about the state of the College and issues for this year:

To date:  Regina Stanback Stroud [College Plans & Challenges] Angelica Garcia [Student Equity plans], Sarah Perkins [Professional development], Carsbia Anderson [Student Services], Jonathan Paver [Learning Technologies], Aaron McVean [Research & Data].

New committees indicate areas of activity: College Accreditation Oversight, Faculty Evaluation Guidance, Study Abroad, Minimum Qualifications (Psychology, Reading), Adhoc Task Group on Repeatability.

Approval of Faculty Committees:  Both Peer Review, and Selection committees; Tenure committees already approved and in progress from Fall.

District Strategic plan development and new Resource Allocation Model; SMCCD Chief Financial Officer Kathy Blackwood will attend SPARC meeting next Thursday, February 26, at 2:00 room 6202 to discuss likely implications, steps, and changes for Skyline College with new Resource Allocation model.

State issues upcoming include

  • Common Assessment Initiative [CAI] Work Groups for English, Math, ESL; includes test prep/delivery/data for course placement: Volunteers: Stephen Fredricks, Rick Hough [Math; English/ESL: Leigh Anne Shaw.
  • Discipline list will be debated/voted at State Plenary; Division Representatives are to discuss with their divisions for faculty discussion: Supply Chain [Bus/ Claire & Whitney], Counseling & LD [Escobar], African-American Studies [Irwin]
  • State Senate Spring Plenary Thursday, Saturday, April 9-11 at the SFO Westin Look for info on

Classified Senate Report

Following the long break, the Classified Senate met to discuss and finalize the scholarship award amounts for both the faculty/staff scholarship and the Classified Senate scholarship.  We have decided to take an in-depth look at our scholarship criteria for next year’s award, as the criteria have been in place for some time, and several members have asked to have them reevaluated.  (For example, whether we would like there to be campus/community involvement pieces, etc.)

Michele Haggar, on behalf of the Classified Senate, co-facilitated the Campus Town Hall with Karen Wong on Monday, February 23.  The discussion centered on the results of the Campus Climate Survey – with Karen and Michele posing questions about action plans and how to effectively make change in the areas that have been identified as needing more work. ​

In an effort to encourage community involvement, we have decided to include a “volunteer opportunities” announcement at every meeting.  This includes activities such as beach clean-ups, park landscaping, or working with the Skyline student-led “Inspiring Community Leaders” club.  We’re working to start a regularly-scheduled volunteer event for Classified Staff to participate in.  We have also teamed with our Beta Theta Omicron (Phi Theta Kappa) club to form a team, open to all Skyline College students, staff, faculty and administration, for the April 25, 2015 Relay for Life of San Bruno.  RFL San Bruno was initially started several years ago by Skyline College staff/students, and the board of RFL has stated their interest in having a very strong presence for the college.

We also have many professional development opportunities coming up in the Spring and Summer, including our own Skyline Classified Summer Retreat and Classified District Retreat.  There is also a state professional development conference we are trying to find a representative to attend, and our State Classified Leadership Institute.  Through our push towards professional development with Classified Staff, we have 2 members who have applied to attend CLI who have never attended before.  This conference’s mission is to build leadership and professionalism within Classified Staff, and is one of our most beneficial opportunities.

Associated Student Body of Skyline College Report


  • Veteran’s Day Surprise Luncheon
    • A surprise luncheon to honor the service of veterans on campus.


  • Winter Coat Drive
    • After a period of two weeks, we collected fifty coats for The Village Project SF on Turk Street, a non-profit organization serving economically disadvantage communities, especially youth and their families.
  • Winter Kickback
    • Rescheduled due to the storm. Gave out hot chocolate and doughnuts to the students. Set up a chalkboard and designed for the holidays and traditions.


  • African American Month Kick Off
    • Played music from historic periods in the dining hall, trivia games, and tabled with Black Student Union and ASTEP.
  • Valentine’s Day
    • Played a safe sex and media Jeopardy game in the Dining Hall. Tabled with the Health Center and Skyline Women Engineer. Distributed chocolate, condoms, and informational packet for safe sex.
  • African American Experience and Social Justice Panel
    • Invited Professor Pail Bolic, Dr. Tony Jackson, Student Dessaline Douglas, and Student Nicole Harris to discuss contemporary issues facing African American. Topics included the Black Lives Matter movement, Social Anxieties, access to education, and the importance of respecting diversity.
  • African Drum Djam – Afia Walking Tree
    • Activist, educator, and performer, Afia Walking Tree led a Drum jam. Students had the opportunity to play authentic African percussion instruments and learned about the history of the drum.

Upcoming Events


  • Chinese Lantern- March 5
  • Club Rush- March 12
  • CORA Drive
    • A drive for CORA Organization. Campus wide donation drive.
  • Women’s Leadership Panel
    • A discussion panel on women’s role and leadership
  • Bonus: 5 Students from the ASSC will be going to the Washington DC
  • President Harris will be going to March on March and has been chosen to be a community college speaker.
  • 5 members of the ASSC will attend the USACC Conference in Washington DC
  • CCC March in March – Nicole Harris will attending the event in Sacramento

Additional Announcements


President Stanback Stroud announced Friday, February 27th at 1:00 p.m. in room 6202 there will be a College Wide Forum on the Capital Improvement Projects.  Vice Chancellor Jose Nunez will give a college overview of the projects.  April 9-12 the traveling Veterans wall will be at the Golden Gate National Cemetery.  Additional volunteer opportunities for the Skyline College campus community are available.  Skyline College and the SMCCCD are very engaged.  See Gina Ciardella, PSC Veterans Resource Center Coordinator.



Classified Senate representative, Barbara Daley, reported – Thursday, February 26 at 9:30 a.m. in the Theater there will be a Chamber Mixer of the San Francisco Munic Trio.


Vice President of Instruction, Dr. Perkins, announced that Skyline College is on track for the opening of the Middle College this Fall 2015.  The MOU’s are in progress and legal agreements have been drafted as well as the State applications being completed.  Additionally, the Baccalaureate Degree is in process.  Currently there is an ACCJC Substantive Change Report for Respiratory Therapy.


Interim Vice President of Student Services, Carsbia Anderson, reported that during a meeting with Title 3/Title 5 Consultants we found out that Skyline College has achieved the status of being an HSI Institution.   Consequently, the College is eligible for funds through Department of Education and may apply in this year’s application for funds process.  Additionally, we learned that each Federal Agency has HSI Funds available.  The standard for achieving HSI Status is for an institution to have 25% or more of its FTE students identify themselves as Latino/Hispanic.  The allocation for HSI funded institutions last year was at $550K per year for 5 years and previous to last year was at $650K for 5 years.   There is talk in DC about using funds from this year to restore the colleges awarded last year to the $650K level.  While HSI Funds will benefit Latino students the impact of these funds will assist all students.



The March CGC meeting will be a conference call on March 18th.


Meeting Adjourned

The March 18th conference call meeting was rescheduled for March 19th. Participating in the conference call meeting were ASSC representatives, Monica Mendoza and Dennis Zheng;  Academic Senate representatives, Kate Browne and Tiffany Schmierer; Classified Senate representatives, Michelle Haggar and Alana Utsumi: and Administrative representatives, Aaron McVean, Eloisa Briones, Sarah Perkins and Regina Stanback Stroud.


The council addressed one agenda item – Substantive Change report for the Baccalaureate Degree in Respiratory Care.  It was motioned/seconded and unanimously passed to recommend the RC Substantive change report to the SMCCCD Board of Trustees for consideration.


There was no Classified Senate Report

There was no Academic Senate report

ASSC reported that they held a rush on 3/5.  They would be sponsoring the women empowerment panel on the following Tuesday and that they are engaged in the Drive for Cora with the clubs.


The meeting was adjourned.