The College Governance Council met on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 from 2:10-4:00 pm, in Building 4, Room 4343.  In attendance was Alexander Alphi, Kate Williams Browne, Angélica Garcia, Michele Haggar, Alana Utsumi, Dennis Zhang.  Absent from the meeting was Eloisa Briones, Stephen Fredricks, Sarah Perkins, Regina Stanback Stroud.  Guest at the meeting was Aaron McVean.

Approval of Minutes

Due to the absence of a quorum, no motion was made to the September 23, 2015 minutes.

Academic Senate Report

Fall meetings include visits and discussions with key administrators about the state of the College and issues for this year.

To date:  Angélica Garcia [Student Equity Plan Revision], Sarah Perkins [Professional development], Jonathan Paver [Online Education Initiative, Distance Education plan, Canvas course learning system]

Plans for: Aaron McVean [Research & SPARC/Budget], Luis Escobar [Student Services]

Activities from Academic Senate Standing Committees are:

Curriculum: Has formed a General Education Collective, which will establish task forces, to redesign/rethink General Education. Is working on curricular ramifications & requirements for having a BA program on campus by Fall, 2016 [Respiratory Therapy].

Educational Policy: Will be reviewing policies and procedures, and will work on revision of Faculty Handbook in Spring 2016.

Professional Personnel: Is working with Dean Hernandez of SMT Division to nominate e-STEM program for ASCCC Exemplary Program Award; was nominated 2 years ago but did not win. [2]Is participating in the overhaul of Skyline Professional Development.

Research: Now that there is an Institutional Research Board for the College, there is no current Chair of this Committee; Academic Senate will work with PRIE Dean McVean around re-structuring that committee instead.

Museum of Tolerance faculty selections were Danielle Powell and Paul Bollick for Fall 2015.  Their experiences will be shared in December 2015.

Resolution was created/passed to support District application to become part of Cohort 2 for Canvas adoptions and other online issues around the Chancellor’s Online Education Initiative.

Collaboration with ASSC and Classified Senate to support a Drive for Fire Victims.


  • State Academic Senate Plenary, including multiple issues and resolutions, will be attended by VP Stephen Fredricks and President Kate Williams Browne.
  • Professional Development and Faculty Hiring are ongoing issues of interest and participation.

Classified Senate Report

Classified Senate successfully accomplished the following at the last meeting on September 3, 2015:

Members approved the Distance Education Substantive Change Addendum and had the consensus on the IEPI letter.

Code of Ethnic: Classified received 100% approval on Code of Ethnic, which was nearly 40 responses out of nearly 90 full-time staff.  Draft will be brought to the CGC meeting after receiving approval from the two sister colleges.

Activity in Progress:

  • A survey is undergoing about the Classified Scholarship criteria, which is the funding collected from See’s Candies Fundraising. Deadline of the survey is due next Tuesday, November 3, 2015.  Update to follow.
  • Another survey is being conducting to consent members about best availability to host Classified Senate Potluck.
  • Michele Haggar will connect with the MOT participants and invite them to share their experiences at one of the Classified Senate meetings.

Associated Student Body of Skyline College Report

ASSC successfully hosted/participated below listed events in the month of October 2015.

Latino Heritage Month

Latino Heritage Month event was held on October 20, 2015 with Tarimba band from Veracruz Mexico performed son jarocho music. Dance troupe, Colectivo Anqari, performed traditional dances from the South Andes area of South America, with a colorful variety of costumes! The ASSC served pan dulce and horchata with tablers from El Tecolote newspaper, Mission Neighborhood Centers, and Carnaval.

National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day was hosted on October 12, 2015. It educated students about same-sex marriage legislation, and had the opportunity for participants to create a wedding photo booth as a safe space for students to express who they love. Rainbow cupcakes were served.  Featured guest speaker, former Assemblyman and LGBTQ activist, Tom Ammiano, was present for the event. ASSC made a great impact and received a heartfelt feedback from Middle College: “for the first time, I felt that I belong somewhere.”


In solidarity with Umpqua Community College in Oregon, Skyline students took the time to write heartfelt letters for those affected by the recent shooting. We supported the #IAmUCC campaign to raise awareness for public safety on college campus. Students took individual #IAmUCC pictures to stand with UCC. The letters have been sent out.

Breast Cancer Awareness Day

ASSC tabled to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Students wrote encouraging notes to those affected by breast cancer and accepted cash donations to fund breast cancer research through the American Cancer Society. With the kind sponsorship of Kevin Chak of Skyline Bookstore, Skyline swag and pink ribbons were given out as prizes.

College Lecture Series: Camille Seaman

Camille Seaman, an Award Winning photographer and also a Senior TED Talk Fellow, shared here works and experiences with Skyline College Community on October 22, 2015. Her work concentrated on the fragile environment of the Polar Regions and now she is a storm chaser. She educated Skyline Students about sustainability and inspired everyone to follow their dreams.

California Community College Student Affairs Association Conference

ASSC sent 10 members to the conference held in San Jose on October 23 – 23, 2015 to develop student leadership and networking skills.  They were given opportunities to bond with the two sister schools.

Current Event:

Butte County Fire Donation Drive 

In support of those affected by the recent wildfires that devastated Butte County, the Associated Students, alongside the Academic Senate, Classified Senate and Administration are hosting a campus wide Food Drive.  More advertisement is needed to support the event.

Upcoming: [1] Skylloween, an event joint-sponsored with Skyline Organization and Club Council (SOCC), is scheduled for Thursday, October 29, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Quad and 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Dining Room. [2] ECE children will be on campus for Skylloween on Thursday, October 29, 2015 and custom parade on Friday, October 30, 2015. [3] Trojan Tuesday will be held on November 3, 2015. It offers students an opportunity to receive 5% discount at Bookstore or the Café with an ID. [4] Community outreach to Homeless, is scheduled for Friday, November 13, 2015.  Preparation for outreach, including lunches packing and notes writing, will be held on Wednesday and Thursday before the event.  Detail to follow.  [5] Spring Retreat (MOT) about 20 students; [6] ASSC is planning to host a Thanksgiving Lunch or give out gift cards to Foster Youth.  Details to follow.

Campus Forum: Skyline Promise

A campus forum on Skyline Promise, presented by President Regina Stanback Stroud, is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, November 17, 2015, in Rooms 6-202 to 6-206 from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.  All faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.  It will be expanding SparkPoint services throughout Skyline College community and covering topics, such as: determining part-time students, child care issues, transportation, housing, and food security.  Discussions pertaining to Skyline Promise will also be available through CTTL workshops.


Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI), a new division created by Chancellor’s Office, is established to provide assistance to colleges in the areas they need. Thus, Skyline College wrote a letter to request for a visit to obtain advices on strategic planning.  The IEPI visit is scheduled for Monday, November 30, 2015.  Two follow-up visits will be scheduled in Spring.

Equity Plan

Student Equity Plan (SEP), due in December 2015, is still in the writing process. It will be addressing new guideline, including items to address the most disproportionate groups in the five areas: Access, Course completion, Completion in Basic Skills, Degrees and Certificate, Transfer Rate. Veteran, Foster Youth, Probation Students, African and Hispanic students are the biggest impacted groups at Skyline College.  The SEP writing team is targeting to submit the SEP draft to SEEED Committee, followed by CGC in November and the Board in December.

Classified Senate – Code of Ethics

Refer to Classified Senate Report.

No CGC Meeting in November

Conference call may be held for any action items, if necessary.

Other Business

EPI Center will have the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on November 17, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. in Building 8, Room 8-317.

Escalation, is scheduled on Wednesday (Date), will be a workshop to learn about facilitation.


Due to the absence of a quorum, no motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 2:58 p.m.