The College Governance Council met on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 from 2:10-4:00 pm, in Building 4, Room 4343.  In attendance was Kate Browne, Nicole Harris, Sarah Perkins, Regina Stanback Stroud, Alana Utsumi, Dennis Zheng.

Approval of Minutes

The April 22, 2015 minutes were approved. (M/S/U Utsumi/Browne) Unanimously.

Academic Senate Report

  1. Spring meetings included visits and discussions with key administrators about the state of the College and issues for this year. Guests included Aaron McVean & Eloisa Briones [SPARC], Sarah Perkins [Professional development & Facilities], & Jonathan Paver [Learning Technologies].

*College issues of high faculty interest and focus for next year include: better understanding & participation in budget and planning issues [via a stronger connection to SPARC] and continued participation in professional development regarding faculty for online education delivery [via more regular connection with DE/CCLT].

  1. Discussions via our Division Reps and Committee Chairs indicate several areas of activity. Spring topics included Faculty Evaluation Guidance, Faculty Selection & Minimum Qualifications, and collaboration with Curriculum Committee on common Syllabus checklist. Several faculty indicated their intention to continue with Academic Senate next year.

*Faculty issues of high interest and focus next year are: Review & revitalization of AS structure and activities [will participate in a District-wide Fall Friday session with State Senate], AS Committee focus/structure/membership, AS Meeting structure to include more Division work discussions

  1. Discussion and participation continued on the District Strategic plan development and new Resource Allocation Model, both through College Forums and SPARC meetings. While the ASenate was not entirely satisfied with the structure of the goals and the level of specific strategies for faculty, it participated and agrees with the plan in general. An issue of strong concern is the combination of new District strategic plan and new District Resource Allocation model in its implications for Skyline College budget.

*Faculty issue of high interest and focus next year is: appropriate resources for faculty hiring, retention, and replacement.

Classified Senate Report

The Classified Senate had several events in May.  This included the Classified School Employee Appreciation Week, during which we co-host a Classified Staff breakfast, to say thank you to the staff for their hard work throughout the year.  It is a time for us to come together and spend a little time catching up and getting to know new people.

We also co-hosted the End-of-Year luncheon with the Academic Senate and the President’s Office.  This year’s celebration had a San Francisco Giants/baseball theme, and allowed us the opportunity not only to have some fun all together, but to recognize and honor our retirees and special achievement recipients.  We were also thankful for the Classified Service Award reception thrown for us, where staff were recognized for their 10, 20 and 30 years of service at Skyline College.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate both the end of the year, and the dedication of our staff here at Skyline.

We are just wrapping up our Senate nominations this week, and will hold our election (if necessary – if a candidate runs unopposed, they win by default) this Monday, June 1st.  Most of our Senate will remain the same, but we will hopefully have a new staff member participating in the role of Historian, to take over after Barbara Daley’s retirement.  Michele Haggar and Alana Utsumi will be switching roles in the 15/16 academic year, assuming there is no one who steps forward to run as well.

Six Skyline staff members will leave on Thursday, June 4th for the Classified Leadership Institute, our annual leadership conference held by our state organization, 4CS.  Linda Allen (who is on the 4CS board) and Alana Utsumi will be presenting one of the conference seminars, called “Senate 101.” We will also be accepting our State Model Senate Award at this event.

We have had another round of discussion and editing of our district-wide Code of Ethics, and should be moving on to a final vote sometime in the summer.

Associated Student Body of Skyline College Report

The following is a summary highlighting the events and activities of this quarter.

Shared Governance

The students continue to serve on the following committees at Skyline College and the District:

  • Accreditation Oversight Committee
  • Art on Campus
  • Campus Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee
  • College Governance Council
  • Curriculum Committee
  • District Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee
  • District Budget Committee
  • District Shared Governance Council
  • District Strategic Planning
  • District Students Council
  • Educational Policy committee
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Professional Enrichment and Development Advisory Committee (PEDAC)
  • Outreach Committee
  • SEEED / Student Equity Committee
  • Strategic planning and Resources Allocation Committee
  • Technology Advisory Committee

Student Handbook and Academic Planners

Due to budget cuts, the Student Handbook is only available online in a downloadable format

Recruitment of Students

The ASSC continues to encourage student engagement in activities, events, and student government with the help of handouts, flyers, social media, and giveaways to increase participation and attendance. All of the elected positions in the Associated Student of Skyline College Governing Council are currently filled

Student Identification Cards

The Center for Student Life and Leadership Development continues to produce Student ID Cards for the student body with assistance from the ASSC.

Skyline Organizations and Clubs (SOCC)

The ASSC members always encourage other students to become active on campus by their work through SOCC. They also encourage students who do not find a club that interests them to start their own. This spring, SOCC has five new clubs: Applications in Computer Science and Engineering (ACE), Association of Innovative Minds, Inspiring Community Leaders (ICL), Parenting without Partners (POP), and Skyline Public Speaking Club (PSC)

Programs and Events

      ASSC Meetings 8/12/14-Present:

  • ASSC weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 4-6pm

      Asian American Pacific and Islander Heritage Kick-Off 


  • Students had the opportunity to make Japanese origami crafts, enjoy traditional Japanese snacks, and experience a Taiko drumming performance.

Asian Wellness Day 4/28/2015:

  • Skyline College students joined Professor Ronda Wimmer, on the importance of Tai Chi. Followed by a musical performance by Chinese artist,Yan Quin and a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. In the closing, students participated in Tibetan medication.

Home on the Islands 5/4/2015:

  • Leah from the Aloha Warehouse held a workshop in making fresh orchid leis. Soon after students enjoyed a Hula performance by Halau a Kawika Laua’o Leianai and a short performance by Skyline College Pilipino Cultural Night students. Students were also signing petitions in light of the Mauna Kea protect in Hawai’i.

ASSC Meet and Greet Candidates 4/4/2015:

  • Each candidate running for a position in ASSC introduced who they are, why they are running, and what impact they would make in being a part of the Associated Student of Skyline College.

 Traditional Chinese Painting Workshop 5/6/2015:

  • Renewed Master ShiPei Zhang and Master JaiFa Zhou artists were invited to show Skyline students the art of watercolor.

 Presidential Debate 5/6/15:

  • ASSC students invited candidates to campaign and meet students. ASSC provided information about the candidates to encourage the student body to vote for candidates.

 ASSC Elections 5/11/15 – 5/13/2015:

  • Well qualified Skyline College students campaigned for the opportunity to represent the student body and the interest of the college. ITS it ice creams were given to all students who voted.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Closing Ceremonies 5/13/2015:

  • In closing Skyline College students experienced Indian Bhangra dancing by Rhythms of Punjab and students were invited to join the performers.

End of the Year Celebration 5/19/15:

  • Students of the ASSC and students assistants from the Center for Student Life and Development Center celebrated the end of the school year with luncheon provided by La Petite Vietnamese food.

Donation Sponsorships

A Call to Consciousness 4/8/15:

  • James Loewen, sociologist, historian, and bestselling author of, “Lies my Teacher Told Me.” Dr. Loewen educates about white privilege in America, racism, and the idea of sun down towns.

The Wall That Heals 4/9/2015:

  • Associated Students of Skyline College sponsored The Skyline Veterans Club and Skyline Veteran Resource Center in donating $2,500 to the memorial The Wall That Heals in memory of the fallen military members in the Vietnam War.

Student Recognition Awards Ceremony 5/5/14:

  • A ceremony held to honor scholarship recipients as well as donors
  • Scholarships were awarded to over 130 students. The Karl S. Pister scholarship provides $20,000 to attend University of California, Santa Cruz was awarded to Nicole Harris.

Commencement Ceremony 5/29/15:

  • Over 900 students were awarded Associates of Arts and Associates of Science degrees, and Certificate degrees. Over 300 students walked across stage to receive their degrees.

Skyline Shines Nominations

The CGC committee discussed and decided on the Skyline Shine College recipient for 2015.

SLOAC Change in Governance Structure

1)   Recommend that the SLOAC Steering Committee become the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC), a sub-committee of Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC).

2)   Recommend that it be a standing governance committee instead of a task force, reporting to and advising SPARC.

3)  The IE committee is charged with fostering a culture of inquiry through regularly reviewing the mission and goals, analyzing the research that assesses how effectively the College is accomplishing its mission and goals, and broadly communicating the results so that the College has a shared understanding of its strengths and weaknesses so as to set appropriate priorities.

Functions include but are not limited to:

  • Regularly reviewing the College’s mission/vision/ values and goals that drive planning and resource allocation;
  • Advising the College on how to integrate institutional effectiveness measures into planning mechanisms to support evidence-based decision making;
  • Developing, reviewing, and proposing revisions (when needed) to institutional effectiveness measures, instruments and benchmarks, to evaluate the degree to which the college fulfills its mission and goals (e.g., the Balanced Scorecard and campus-wide surveys);
  • Analyzing institutional level outcomes data (e.g., Institutional Student Learning Outcomes assessment results; student engagement/ campus climate/ employee voice survey results, etc.) to inform program and institutional decision-making and planning;
  • Facilitating the sharing of best practices in, and collaborating with faculty and staff to improve upon or maintain student learning outcomes assessment methodologies.

(M/S/A Perkins/Browne approval of recommendation.) Unanimously.

Tentative Recommendation of District Strategic Planning

The final draft of the District Strategic Plan contains four goals and numerous Districtwide Strategies designed to achieve those goals, located within the overarching themes of Student Success, Equity, and Social Justice.

The Dean of PRIE, Aaron McVean, presented the plan in its most current form and reviewed the goals and strategies.

Recommendation approve the District Strategic Plan and direct the Dean of PRIE to submit the document to the CGC for reconsideration by email if there are extensive changes.

(M/S/A Perkins/Harris approval of recommendation.) Unanimously.


President Stanback Stroud thanked the College Governance Committee for their participation this year.