The College Budget Committee (CBC) met on February 13, 2014, co-chaired by Leigh Anne Shaw, Academic Senate President, and Eloisa Briones, Vice President, Administrative Services.

Barbara Lamson and Linda Whitten reported from the District Committee on Budget and Finance (DCBF) which met on January 21, 2014, sharing highlights of the Governor’s proposed budget for 2014-15.  SMCCCD has met the full-time obligation and will replace faculty as they retire/separate to maintain the Faculty Obligation Number (FON). DCBF continues to discuss various parameters of the new resource allocation model.  The goal is to implement the new resource allocation in 2015-16.

Eloisa Briones presented projections that depict the budget picture under the current resource allocation model.  Assuming nothing changes, the hourly instruction (1310) budget will increase over time as FTES goals are increased.  While the increases in the college site allocation will cover the increases in 1310, Measure G- funded positions will need to be absorbed in fund 1 with the expiration of the parcel tax after this year.  Likewise, positions charged to Prop 30 will eventually have to be built into fund 1.  Considering these factors, the college may end up with budget deficits until 2016-17.  CBC weighed these factors as members deliberated whether to fund new positions.  Since the site allocation is likely to change as property taxes and redevelopment funds increase, CBC voted to recommend a tentative budget for 2014-15 that includes funding for 3 new faculty positions, net of hourly replacements.

Since the CBC met, district Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Blackwood has updated the resource allocation model for 2014-15.  Eloisa will bring revised scenarios using the updated site allocations at the next CBC meeting on March 13, 2014.

Article by Eloisa Briones