On October 19, 2022, the Student Equity & Support Programs Division kicked off its Global Spectrum of Racial Equity & Social Justice Series by inviting Georgia State Legislator Park Cannon to take to the podium. Students, classified professionals, faculty, and community members all joined in person or virtually to listen to Representative Cannon as she discussed the importance of voting, and protecting our right to vote. She continued by sharing her experiences as a young, queer, and black woman in Georgia’s government. Representative Cannon reaffirmed that our right to participate in our democratic processes is one that we need to defend and utilize in order to ensure that, even at the local level, we have a say in the people creating our laws.

Join Student Equity & Support Programs again on November 9, 2022 as we welcome Natalie Bui, Co-Founder of SHIFT to discuss how art can be a movement for social justice and equity as well! Registration for this event is now open!

About the Global Spectrum Series:

This year marks the launch of the Student Equity & Support Programs Division’s first Global Spectrum of Racial Equity & Social Justice Speaker Series (Global Spectrum Series). This series consists of 4-5 speaking engagements that will focus on the intersectionality of equity as it pertains to our various systems, infrastructures, and institutions with the goal of increasing awareness of these issues while also discussing how to address them.

Article by Joshua Lindo

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