A picture of Emma Briones standing by a staircaseThe Division of Global Learning Programs and Services is pleased to announce the addition of Emma Briones. Emma joins the division permanently as the Program Services Coordinator after having been the substitute since February 2016.

Emma has history at Skyline College. She received two Associate Degrees from Skyline College specializing in Organizational Structures and Social Behavior and Interdisciplinary Studies. She then transferred to the University of British Columbia where she was awarded her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Economics. This study fueled her research in cultural and social norms and global consumerism.

Emma has a love for Skyline College that started at a young age when her parents signed her up for the College for Kids and Expanding Your Horizons programs. She also was an intern at the Bay Area Center for International Trade Development while in high school. Emma also worked in the campus bookstore and coffee shop.

Let’s congratulate Emma on this fine accomplishment as we welcome her to Global Learning Programs and Services located in Building 2, Room, 2-352.

Article by Dr. Tammy Robinson