Becalos at ExploratoriumOn Monday, November 24 the Bécalos students took part in a Skyline College Thanksgiving Feast.  For the majority of students, this was their first opportunity to sample classic American Thanksgiving dishes like roast turkey, glazed sweet potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Students, faculty and staff alike came together to share a meal and speak about what they were thankful for, both in their personal lives and within the Skyline College community. It was a wonderful opportunity to break bread and celebrate the season among a group of newly established friends. The students also used the occasion to combine classic American and traditional Mexican dishes from their homes to share home cooked meals with fellow Bécalos colleagues on Thanksgiving Day.

becalos at estmTo kick off December, Bruce Greenstein, Assistant Professor in the Environmental Science & Technology Building Science Program led the students on a tour of the Solar & Building Science Learning Center. Students were provided with information on sustainable and energy efficient construction options.  They enjoyed walking through the Residential House Model, followed by the Solar Electronics and Insulation Labs for a hands-on view of  state-of-the-art building solutions.

On Sunday, December 7, the students continued the trend of applied learning with a trip to the Exploratorium Museum on “The Science of Sharing” Day. Students touched, smelled, listened to and viewed numerous exhibits at the museum. A highlight of the trip was a visit to the Fog Bridge experiment, which allows visitors to stand on a bridge surrounded by a blanket of misty, cool air. This is a chance to experience a layer of fog as if standing on the Golden Gate Bridge during the early morning hours. It was truly a San Francisco treat!

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Article by Alessandra Zanassi | Photos by Alessandra Zanassi and Liezl Madrona.