Psi Beta, a national honor society with an emphasis on Psychology, is proud to host Giving Away Psychology (GAP), a speakers series designed to share information related to the field of psychology. Dr. Shaun Perisho, a professor of Psychology at Skyline College, was this month’s featured speaker.

Dr. Perisho discussed how it’s okay to be undecided about a career or major and how often life’s journey is circuitous. He illustrated this by sharing the various jobs he held after earning his Bachelor’s degree in Physics, which included guiding pack mules, playing drums in a band, and training sea lions. He eventually earned a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, which led to researching dolphin cognition and, eventually, teaching.

Throughout his presentation, Dr. Perisho emphasized several things including:
• Taking the initiative to reach out and talk to professionals in the field.
• Taking advantage of opportunities presented to you.
• That all jobs, even ones you don’t like or do not think are important, are providing skills and experiences that you may find very useful in the future.

Psi Beta meets every Wednesday from 12:00-1:00 p.m. in Building 6, Room 6206. Our activities include psychology-based discussions, Wellness Wednesdays, volunteer and community engagement events, and GAP presentations.

Our next event is Wednesday, 11/15, featuring Tessa Kwan from Skyline College’s Health and Wellness Center. She will be sharing information on mindfulness.

If you are interested in learning more about future Psi Beta events, please reach out to
Faculty Advisor Jennifer Merrill at or Sebastian Sutjipto, the Skyline College Chapter President, at

We hope you can come by and join us!

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