On November 2, 2022, Skyline College Library and Health Center collaborated to present an informative talk on monkeypox, the flu and Covid-19 by our college physician, Dr. Walter Cheng. A small but inquisitive group learned about the history of each virus, their treatments, and recommendations for staying healthy this coming holiday season. Dr. Cheng also reminded participants that the Health Center is offering free flu shots. “We are already experiencing an early and severe flu and cold season that promises to become even more chaotic during the holidays.” Dr. Cheng advised all members of our community to get their flu shots and Covid boosters, continue wearing masks indoors (to prevent against all three viruses), and wash your hands frequently. If you would like a copy of Dr. Cheng’s slide presentation to share with your colleagues or students, please send a note to Skyline College Nurse Emily Risk <riske@smccd.edu>.

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp

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