As a part of our overall Promise redesign, the Skyline College website launched a brand new search engine called FunnelBack, which provides students, faculty and staff a vastly improved search experience. With this search engine, the campus community will now be able to quickly and efficiently find and sort any information within our site.

The advanced search function allows students to filter by professor, degrees, pdf, class schedule, course number, phone number, etc. The best way to see everything the new search has to offer is to visit and start using it. The more that people use the tool, the more data it will provide, which we can use to analyze trends and statistics on our website to customize the results, and ultimately provide a better, more cohesive experience to students.

Part two of our FunnelBack search launch is the new Skyline College homepage design. A more responsive homepage featuring FunnelBack went live on September 22, 2017.

The new homepage was designed to give students a better look into what the college has to offer by bringing the elements of the dropdown menu into the page, providing a more interactive experience with different communities within the college. We hope the brief descriptions will help increase the understanding of these programs, while the new placement will increase their visibility.

Lastly, we improved our mobile experience to meet the demands of a changing web landscape. Every year mobile devices account for an increasing amount of internet traffic. We want our website to reflect this change. We ultimately want our site to be as easy to use on a phone, as it is on a desktop computer. We still have a long way to go, and we appreciate any feedback you have on the new design as we continue on our journey to provide the best college experience for students. Please send any feedback to Brian Collins, Web Programmer Analyst.

With the FunnelBack implementation and new design, we are driving forward in our mission to enable students to find the materials and the resources they need to graduate on time and succeed in their educational pursuits.

Article by MCPR Team

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