Chemistry Jam Summer 2019The Chemistry Department started the fall 2019 semester with a bang with students spending five intensive days engaging in inquiry-based and active learning aimed at stimulating and motivating each student. All 25 students who participated in Chemistry Jam carried out hands-on laboratory activities which facilitated better comprehension of key concepts such as dimensional analysis, reactions and stoichiometry.

Chemistry Jam is funded by the President’s Innovation Funds, which allowed each student to build a collaborative community and form strong support groups that will carry over into their fall chemistry courses. Student were able to work on enhancing studying techniques, note-taking skills, confidence to ask questions during lectures, laboratory skills and understanding concepts that will better prepare them for their first chemistry course.

Students who participated in program said the following:

Chemistry Jam gives you a better understanding of the fundamental parts of chemistry courses without being too overwhelming”.
I liked Chemistry Jam because of the support, good explanations provided and all the studying strategies recommended, since I have not taken for chemistry in almost 30 years.”
Chemistry Jam was extremely helpful in helping me have a better mindset in fall’s chemistry class.”

We encourage students who plan to enroll in chemistry for the spring 2020 semester to participate in the next Chemistry Jam which will begin immediately before the start of spring semester.

Article and Photo by Safiyyah Forbes

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