Forensics TeamStudents from Skyline College’s Forensics Team attended The Northern California Forensics Association virtual Speech and Debate Camp on September 11, 2021. At the day-long event, students attended workshops and lectures given by esteemed speech and debate coaches from different event categories such as Parliamentary debate, IPDA debate, and Individual Events.

Specific topics covered in workshops ranged from how to build an affirmative case, platform speech composition, preparing for limited preparation events, constructing and refuting topicality, and how to “flow” a debate. The day culminated with students viewing virtual debate rounds as a way to prepare for future competition.

In an effort to ease into the transition back to campus, students were given the opportunity to come to campus and take advantage of available resources: a low distraction environment, private classrooms to zoom from, and reliable WIFI. The added bonus was much needed team bonding and community building. A special thank you to Professor Jessica Hurless for volunteering her time on a Saturday to come to campus and show support for the forensics team.

Students will be competing in the first online tournament for the academic year on September 24-25, 2021. The tournament is hosted by San Francisco Collective which is comprised of four colleges: San Francisco State University, City College of San Francisco, University of San Francisco, and Skyline College. Wish our Skyline College Trojans good luck as they kick off the competitive forensics season!


Article by Lindsey Ayotte

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