Ropes courseRecently, the First Year Experience (FYE) attended the Fort Miley Adventure Challenge Course. This course, a low and high element ropes course, empowers students to confront their personal fears and to push through their perceived limitations through personal goal setting. While this course benefited the individual FYE members, this course also strengthened the entire FYE community as it encouraged trust, teamwork and leadership.

Moving from low element—low risk—community building exercises, the FYE students navigated through a series of high element challenges that pushed them physically and emotionally. While pushed to their limits, the students were surrounded by the support of their FYE instructors and fellow students.

The FYE instructors, Younga Choi, William Sapigao and Jarrod Feiner, will build from what was gained from the course, and the FYE team will continue to apply the principles of trust, teamwork, and community in the classroom.

Article by Jarrod Feiner | Photo by Younga Choi and William Sapigao