Phi Theta Kappa‘s Fall Scholarship Application is open now through December 1. There is approximately $520,000 in scholarship funds available. All of the scholarships do not require Phi Theta Kappa membership. Students should be encouraged to apply.

The Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarship and the GEICO Pathway to Completion Master’s Degree Scholarship applications are also open now through October 31.

The deadline for the All-USA, All-California, and Coca-Cola scholarships is November 3.

Skyline College students regularly win the All-USA, All-California, and Coca-Cola scholarships. Additional, Skyline College students have won the $10,000-Hites, Guistwhite, and Public Safety scholarships.

Contact Joyce Lee or Christine Case for the Phi Theta Kappa scholarships

Contact Stephen Fredricks about:

  • The Jack Kent Cooke transfer scholarships are up to $40,000 for community college students. Due in early December.
  • The Barry Goldwater (STEM) Scholarship application is due in February.
  • The Udall Scholarship for American Indian Tribal Policy, or Environmental Science, due March 4, 2015.

Article by Christine Case