ASTEP Student and ParentOn Wednesday, October 7, 2015 the ASTEP Learning Community at Skyline College hosted its fall 2015 Family Night Celebration. The occasion was under the direction of ASTEP Coordinator, Nathan Jones and Interim Dean of Global Learning Programs and Services, Tammy Robinson. Activities for the evening began with ASTEP announcements and the introduction of ASTEP faculty, staff and campus supporters, all of whom made an effort to inspire students in attendance to get familiar with campus resources and to utilize these resources early on in their college careers.

Jenny Yang of the Financial Aide Office at Skyline College informed the audience about the under-utilization of amazing and far-reaching scholarships such as the Skyline College Scholarship. She did so in hopes that more students will apply for these alternate means of funding to assist in their college journeys.

Next, David Reed, The Learning Center Manager, facilitated an interactive discussion about benefits of using the TLC. He also highlighted resources that students may not realize are available through The Learning Center such as training for using your calculator, and he asked for audience participation to trouble shoot which TLC resources could best assist with such challenges, as well as what options are available when a student wishes to practice their Spanish in a group setting, and so forth. All presenters were an asset to the goals of getting ASTEP in, through and out of college on time.  The importance of growing academically was reinforced by several dignitaries present including President Stanback Stroud.

Before dinner, Counselor Brianna Clay and TLC/TRiO English Instructional Aide Chanel Daniels led a fun game of “Heads Up” where points were accrued and teams were formed to further highlight various support systems on campus, ASTEP related events and activities such as the Umoja Conference, key components of essay writing, and steps in the counseling process that will keep students on track. At the end of this segment, the reward for all was a delicious mix of potluck dishes prepared by the group and served by the young men present in the audience, in harmony with ASTEP tradition. This event was just one of many that we eagerly look forward to from the ASTEP Learning Community during the 2015-2016 academic year.

The ASTEP Learning Community welcomes students of all diverse backgrounds to join its ranks and strives to represent the experience of the African American community within Skyline College. For any questions about ASTEP, please feel free to contact ASTEP at 650-738-7037 or visit the program in Building 4.

Article and Photos by Chanel Daniels