Faculty Use of ZTC Course Material Supports Student Access, Saves Students Money

With gratitude, commendation and recognition, the Zero Textbook Cost Program celebrates all 158 unique Spring 2022 faculty currently offering ZTC and LTC courses! 339 fully ZTC ($0 for course materials) class sections and 73 Low Textbook Cost (LTC, ≥$40 for course materials) class sections are serving 8,801 students registered in ZTC/LTC classes! Faculty course material choices this SP2022 semester resulted in an out-of-pocket course material estimated savings to Skyline Students of $860,779.

We look forward to continued growth and cultivation of the ZTC program. Stay tuned new opportunities for supporting the Zero Textbook Cost Program this Fall.

Until then, have a happy, healthy summer and stay engaged with us on the web at skylinecollege.edu/ztc


Article by Bianca Rowden-Quince & Ame Maloney


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