SenatePlenarySpr2014-650Both the Skyline College Academic Senate President and Vice-President attended the Spring 2014 ASCCC Plenary along with the faculty leadership from SMCCCD sister colleges.  This twice-annual plenary allows the senate leaders from every college to meet, confer, share knowledge, elect leadership, and pass resolutions that influence legislation and state policy.  The event was held at the Westin hotel at SFO on April 10-12, 2014.

Forty resolutions were proposed which led to a lively debate lasting most of Saturday.  A few key resolutions that were passed are listed here by title (details and full resolution text will be available in a few weeks on the ASCCC web site, located at ):

  • 2.01 S14 Modify Title 5 to Allow Colleges to be Accredited by Any Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agency
  • 2.03 S14 Explore Use of Simulated Accreditation Site Visits
  • 7.01 S14 Explore Participation in State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) for Distance Education Offerings
  • 7.02 S14 Allowing “P” Grades for Courses in the Major for the Associate Degree for Transfer
  • 12.01 S14 Consistent and Sustainable Funding for Professional Development
  • 13.03 S14 Add Established At-Risk Student Groups to Exemptions Under Board of Governors Fee Waiver Policy

Several resolutions came up suggesting or defining ways to offer the Bachelor’s Degree at CCCs; currently, the ASCCC is opposed to offering Bachelor’s Degrees at CCCs.  All resolutions on this topic failed but one:

13.01 S14 Researching the Feasibility of the CCC Bachelor’s Degree

The ASCCC has new leadership: David Morse of Long Beach City College will replace Beth Smith of Grossmont College as President. The list of the entire executive council will be posted to the ASCCC web site in due time.

Skyline College was well represented at the ASCCC plenary and much was learned that will be brought back to our local senate. For more information on the ASCCC plenary, please attend the upcoming Skyline College Academic Senate meeting on Friday, April 25 (1:10-3:00 PM in room 6203), or contact Leigh Anne Shaw and Kate Williams Browne for details.

Article by Leigh Anne Shaw and Kate Williams Browne