emailThis message is to let you know that we are moving employee email accounts to a hosted solution from Microsoft called Office 365.

Moving to Office 365 will give you over 50GBs of space and new features including voicemail transcription, SkyDrive (similar to Dropbox) and integrated Instant Messaging.


We started a pilot last Fall and have moved about a hundred of your co-workers to the new system. We will be moving the remainder of the District accounts over this Spring semester.

Quick FAQs

1) Your email address and password will not change.

2) All email mailboxes will be increased from 2GB to 50GB of storage!

3) Your existing email messages will be moved to the new account.

4) You will be switched to the new voice mail system along with the email move.

5) SharePoint is also moving to Office 365. We are contacting site owners individually as we migrate their sites.

6) You will also have access to 25GB of online web storage in SkyDrive Pro (similar to Dropbox)

7) Student email accounts will continue to be hosted by Google and will not be affected by this change.

8) Please be aware that during the migration period, you cannot see the calendars and scheduling status (free, busy, etc.) of those employees that have not yet been migrated. This will not be an issue once all employees have been migrated to Office 365.

You will be receiving an email prior to your account being moved with more details.

Article by Eric Raznick.