Everybody has a Story. What’s Yours? Join us for The Human Library on October 20

Skyline College Library is excited to present our 6th annual series of Human Library events. Our Fall event will be virtual and take place Thursday, October 20 from 2:00-3:30 p.m.

What’s The Human Library? 

At the Human Library, an interactive zoom session organized by Skyline College Library, “human books” — in the form of Skyline College students, faculty, staff and community members — are “loaned out” to readers just as libraries loan physical books to library patrons. Each reader selects or “checks out” a human book and the two engage in meaningful one-on-one conversations in the comfort of a Zoom breakout room for about 15 to 25 minutes. 

The Human Library presents a learning experience that challenges stigmas and stereotypes through the art of open and honest one-on-one conversations. It is a safe space where strangers can discuss challenging or difficult topics openly and without condemnation.

Students: Would you like to share your story as a human book? Please fill out this interest form today and a staff member will be in touch shortly! bit.ly/BeABook

Questions? Please visit our website for more information: guides.skylinecollege.edu/TheHumanLibrary or contact Pia Walawalkar <walawalkars@smccd.edu> for more information.

Registration information will be posted soon. We look forward to seeing you at The Human Library!  -The Library Staff 

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp

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