As the electric vehicle grows in popularity, so does the need for charging infrastructure statewide. To help meet this increasing demand, San Mateo County Community College District is increasing the current number of EV charging stations districtwide.

Skyline College currently has 7 chargers throughout the campus in lots G, M, and K. Four new charging stations will be added behind Building 11 in Lot F. All of the chargers will be dual port so total of 8 cars can be charged simultaneously.

To charge your electric vehicle, all you need to do is register with Chargepoint at Getting an account is completely free and allows you to charge your vehicle on any campus within the District. To help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to charge, vehicles may only be parked at the charging stations while they are actively charging, and only until the car battery is charged. Vehicles may not be parked at charging stations for more than 4 hours.

Article by Gwen Alldredge